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Here at CyberOne we use out of the box Open Source Intelligence Techniques and methods that give our clients exactly what they need to close the case. From major online fraud, to catfishing and beyond; if you need intel we have you covered.

Our Services

Social Media Reconnisance

Full in-depth profiles on a person's social media presence. Trying to see if someone is posting something on social media that they shouldn't? We can monitor and find those hidden details.

Full Spectrum OSINT

If they have any digital footprint, we'll find it. We can generate a multi page in-depth report's regarding any type of case. 

Tailored Intelligence

Our Intelligence Reports are always court admissible and held to the highest standard of ethics. Each case is handled uniquely with our clients goal in mind.

Cyber Harassment

Need some advice on the situation? Schedule a no obligation consultation.

We always suggest going to Law Enforcement first.

Privacy Audit

Want to know what personal information you have on the internet? 

We can provide indepth reports on our findings and advice on how to clean up your internet footprint.

Penetration Testing

Simulated attack acting as a malicious actor from the internet. We will test your external facing sites and services, as a real hacker would.

About us

CyberOne was founded in 2020,  We are a small team of three core partners that do many aspects of Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Security and Penetration Testing.  We started as freelancers doing contract work as a side job and now doing our passions full time.

CyberOne is a registered LLC in Cleveland, Ohio. CyberOne LLC, Entity #4676179

CyberOne was founded by Scott Bennett.

During the winter of 2017, Scott Bennett was working with the Haitian government through a public/private partnership doing clinical research to strengthen Haiti’s Emergency services system. During Scott’s time in Haiti he worked as a Critical Care Air Ambulance Technician and a supervisor for Hero Ambulance. Haiti is in a constant state of civil unrest with violent riots being a daily occurrence. These riots would block off areas of the city and would severely hinder the Emergency Services ability to respond. This is when Scott Bennett found his passion for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). Scott used OSINT to track all riot locations and details including when and where these riots were going to occur. Doing active intelligence on these threats before they happened and adjusting emergency services accordingly saved many lives and is still implemented to this day.

Scott Bennett, Threat Intelligence
The National Civil Aviation Conference, Haiti - Scott Bennett

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Why Choose Us

We’re in the business of helping our clients succeed in there goals. Not maximize billing hours and sending bloated reports to our clients. We are always in communication with our clients every step of the way and taking there needs seriously. 

We are realistic on what we can provide our clients and will never sell you on something that can’t be accomplished.   

Our Experience

Our small team has years of experience in the field of Cyber Security and Intelligence. From assisting local private investigators navigate the internet to find the key to the case, to being apart of a larger team tasked with building a intelligence report on suspected fraud. Our clients are always satisfied with our results and are always encouraged to provide feedback.


Here at CyberOne we always are looking to sharpen our skills and test the new latest and greatest techniques. We do a number of pro bono (No or very little cost) work throughout the year. Some consultations may qualify for the option of turning your case into a blog. These are used as educational studies that would help future Cyber Researchers.     

Private Investigator writing a case

“My truck was hit by a big rig and couldn’t locate the business or owners. CyberOne was able to locate the business and the exact same big rig!” -Jason 

Our Team

Scott Bennett CyberOne & Cybersecurity

Scott Bennett


Scott has in-depth experience in Threat & Cyber Intelligence. Scott often uses out of the box research techniques and methods to accomplish his goals.

Brook Rodia

Cybersecurity Consultant

Brook has many years of experience in both Offensive and Defensive Cybersecurity operations spanning from Web Technologies to Social Engineering and beyond.

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This is CyberOne’s billing address and is not an office. CyberOne is a remote business that is located in Cleveland, OH