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OSINT, or open-source intelligence, is the practice of gathering and publishing open-source. Operating system, OSINT, regardless of whether the person is a professional in the information technology, security, malicious hackers, or government-sanctioned intelligence agents, the use of cutting-edge technology to scan the great haystack, finding the details of the needle, they are looking to achieve their goals, and find out how many people do not realize are open.


OSINT plays a crucial role in following the chaos of the information. OSINT’s three main essential pieces of information to perform a wide range of OSINT tools have been developed to meet these needs. The majority of the tools perform all three functions, although it is of significant importance on a particular scale.


Step 1: Start with what you know

Thus, the transition between “at the same time, we know that the” and “in spite of what we want to know.” Our area of Interest, in this case, is to introduce the Person that is in the Interest of and may find yourself in a true-to-the-name username or email address.

Real Name-

If you already know the individual’s real identity, as well as their first and last names, you can use them as a keyword to begin your search. A great free website to run name searches is A free genealogy website that has helped many OSINT researchers and Private Investigators search quickly. People search sites should always be manually vetted because information is often not accurate or out of date! 

User name-

It is the easiest way to determine a user to search through the information that you have available to see it. For example, it could be a combination of their given names and last names, and it can resolve the domain names they own. A great free website to check if your target usernames are registered on various websites is

 The Address-

Consider yourself lucky if you have an email to find out. On the contrary, a person’s name, username, and email address will be unique for each person and will often not give you a false positive in this case.

Step 2: Search for the sources of the information

There is a myriad of legal and open source software, the sources of the available information to gather into the open-source of the data, and find the correct information at the suitable sources. It can be a time-consuming and largely manual process.

Search engine-

A conventional engine could protect the investigation, information management, identification, or a new source.

Searching for a real name:

  • Search string: “jane smith” Expected Result: Look for an exact match to that name on Twitter
  • “phone number”– This searches for websites on .edu domains that contain the words “phone number”. student “phone number”
  • “powered by vbulletin” – This searches for websites on .mil domains that contain the words “powered by vbulletin”.
  • “register forum” – This Dork searches for websites on .edu domains that contain the words “register forum”. This Dork searches for school websites that allow you to register for a forum.
  • If you include [inurl:] in your query, Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the url. For instance, [inurl:google search] will return documents that mention the word “google” in their url, and mention the word “search” anywhere in the document (url or no).

Step 3: Capture and Analyze Data

You can collect and store the IP data, which will impact how it may be used later on. For example, if it is to be used for the decision-making process and in a court of law, it will be of a higher quality- more details will be used internally by the team. It could be almost impossible if you have removed any source. A great visual software that is highly regarded in the OSINT/Intelligence community as well as the private investigation community is Maltego! 

Maltego has a free community edition that you can use at

Step 4: Generate a POI Report

The Internet is an excellent source of information for people. It may be the case that much time is spent sifting through the Internet to identify and capture a person’s digital footprint; however, publicly available information on the Internet is still the easiest way to passively research and verify any third-party software, personnel, and bad actors. All the information is precious, depending on the purpose of your study. For example, an email to points of Interest, real name, user name, age, resume phone number, location, education, training, and career opportunities.

Hence, OSINT is a great technique- We hope that you Like it.

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