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Here at CyberOne, we contract our Open Source Intelligence skills and expertise to Licensed Private Investigators throughout the state of Ohio and beyond.

Contracting your Cyber investigations means you can spend more time where it counts. Our expertise means we can save you money and time. We know all the tricks of the trade and could cut down your billing ours potentially in half using our streamlined techniques.

We don’t send our clients bloated reports with unnecessary information. Every case is unique and we tailor our intelligence accordingly.

-A friend of mine had his truck hit and run by a semi-truck while it was parked at his house. In a matter of hours, Scott Bennett at CyberOne-Intelligence was able to use OSINT techniques using grainy security cam footage and minimal location details to track down the truck, the company, and the driver. The company has agreed to pay for the full repair! Thanks CyberOne-Intelligence for your excellent work on rapidly solving this case!

Open Source Intelligence Techniques (OSINT) is the art of obtaining publicly available material but not easily accessible. This is conducted by scouring the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web. Common sources of evidence include digital media, social media, and other online publications, government data, professional and academic publications, commercial data. Our Intelligence often brings actionable evidence that leads to further investigation, like physical surveillance hours and more. CyberOne Intelligence uses out-of-the-box methods and techniques to obtain this information. All information is found openly and is always court-admissible.

This information can be critical in a variety of situations. Primarily, it can assist in creating a link between parties in complex relationships. These include corporate interactions, domestic and offshore trust account ownership, establishing connections through website addresses/domain ownership, and personal interactions on social media.

OSINT searches produce a vast amount of information that can be difficult to navigate. Our strength lies in identifying relevant content and reliable sources, establishing continuity of data, and presenting concise and accurate results in an intelligence report.